Sunday, 5 June 2011

How can you change your attitude so you can get your ex boyfriend back?

Well me %26amp; my ex boyfriend was talken the other nite when I stayed at his house %26amp; I asked him if we would ever be together again? He said %26quot;yes, he want to be with me again, but I need to change my atttitude%26quot; yes, I know I need to change it, but can someone please give me some tips on how to that. So, when I called him or when he calls me, we talk %26amp; we dont argue, thats because I am trying my best to change it for us, cuz I really miss him!|||what drew him to you in the first place??? you can change but sometimes trying to reform for others you lose sight of who you on what you need to..does he need to brush up too????whats good for the goose is good for the gander.....................|||why would u change yourself for him? it won%26#039;t last...!!! if he can%26#039;t accept you for you, then what the hell is the point? he will be loving the %26quot;new you%26quot;, while the old you is screaming to come out! don%26#039;t be silly! find a guy that loves you for you and stick on that path! do not EVER change yourself for your partner! because they will find more and more things to change about you in the future, until you don%26#039;t recognise yourself! ask yourself this! does your attitude effect you? or others other than him? and are you happy with you?