Monday, 17 October 2011

How do I change myself?

Honestly, what I long for truely is a life revolution. I want to change everything in my life - but for the better.

I'm not a very confident person, and sometimes because of this uncofidence I act strange - almost like I act in my body language like I could be joking about something because I subconciously think that if the person I'm talking to thinks I'm nuts - maybe he/she'll think I'm joking.

Anyway. I just need to change. Basically I need to have more confidence. But I need a new look, new attitude, new mindset and lifestyle. And I ask - whats the best plan/step to change your life? I want my routine, evvvverything changed - I almost long for this %26quot;change%26quot; to SHOCK me.

So... how would I approach this?How do I change myself?Im very outgoing and pretty confident so ima try to help you w/ this. *but you dont need to worry so much about %26quot;changing yourself%26quot; but enhancing yourself to a better level:)

1. Go to the gym more often if you dont. Getting nice muscles and abs will really help your confidence level. I mean anyone would have a hard time with confidence if theyre look was all flabby and just not in shape. Maybe get a tan if you dont think its gay. Feeling like you look good will help you.

2.Get a knew hair cut and just go get a whole new wardrobe on the man that you want to be. Maybe choose a role model you know. Get some clothes that you yourself can call %26quot;fresh%26quot;

3. I know it might be hard for you but try and call up your friends more often maybe throw a house party, be more social it will automatically help you w/o you even realizing it.

4. Go out to a club and have a goal of meeting just one or two people (preferably girls) and then go again or somewhere else and have a goal of three or four people. Soon talking to people you dont even know will become sooo easy.

5. Start activities that you never thought of doing before. Try new things. Be SPONTANIOUS!

I rele hope i helped you:)
How do I change myself?
see a pshyciatrist...really.

im not trying to be mean or sarcastic, just tell them how you are feeling and see how they can help you...its not you that needs to change, its your self image...they have medication or things for that.
How do I change myself?
First of all make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. Not for anyone else. Second of all i believe a person needs to accept themselves completely before they can truly change. Changing needs to be a mental thing, then appearance and that will give you confidence. start loving yourself for who you are. Change your thoughts to positive ones. Pay attention to what your telling yourself. last of all change doesn't happen in 1 day. it takes time, well as much time it will take for you to love YOU. I don't know how all this sounds to you, but I hope I helped a little. good luck =) Oh and you don't need medication. I too had very bad self esteem, I decided to help myself. By reading lots of good books. One good one is A New Earth. I love that book. Check it out. Now i am happy with who i am.
be yourself! believe it or not-- you will change everything around you by doing that. we all would like to change the direction of our lives or the way the world is;, but this is impossible. try to get out more--make new friends, and set a goal for yourself;, something you really would like to do and achieve for yourself. the rest will come naturally. good luck.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>;clien鈥?/a>

I really wish I could help you more then just giving you a few crappy links, but sadly I don't know what to say. I think what your doing is amazing and I really wish you luck on your mission :). Maybe you should see a professional about this so they can help you? I really do wish I could help.

Good luck and don't give up!!!

- Love Audrey